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Entropy R&D: 30 Years in the Making at CETRI

The most advanced carbon capture solution in the industry

CETRI: Prior Carbon Capture and Sequestration Partners

CETRI, based out of the University of Regina, centralizes all low-carbon and carbon-free clean energy research activities. CETRI is one of the few locations world-wide offering solvent and process development with the full capability to develop and test advanced CCS systems and technologies.

Entropy’s exclusive and most advanced CCS systems are jointly developed on decades of gas processing experience as well as recent R&D works of our affiliated partners including CETRI’s CO₂ research teams, ABC Engineering and Advantage Energy.

Entropy’s success is built on an era of global innovation.

Awards and Recognition

CETRI research & development outcomes have been recognized as a leader in the field.

Entropy’s proprietary solvent, Entropy23™, was developed in partnership with CETRI. Entropy23™ is built upon a history of award winning R&D in carbon capture and sequestration.

Key Scientists & Researchers

Following in the footsteps of Nobel Peace Prize winner and CETRI founder, Dr. Malcolm Wilson, Entropy advisors Dr. Idem and Dr. PT have advanced carbon capture solvent technology for 30 years.

Dr. Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul
  • Co-founder of CETRI and advisor to Entropy
  • Work has been cited over 12,500 times
  • Focused on carbon capture since 1991
  • Entropy Inc. Fellow in Carbon Capture Technology
Dr. Raphael Idem
  • Founding director of CETRI and advisor to Entropy
  • Entropy Inc. Research Chair in Carbon Capture Technology
  • Research has been cited in over 200 publications
Teeradet Supap Phd, P.Chem.
  • Specializes in amine solvent degradation & prevention
  • Co-inventor of 3 patents on amine solvent development
  • Authored/co-authored over 30 peer-reviewed journal papers